Refurbished Sartorius LC3200D Top-Loading Balance


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This refurbished Sartorius balance’s electromagnetic force compensation provides high resolution along with a high loading capacity of a weighing system. The weighing pan is navigated by a parallelogram. The force generated by the weight on the weighing system is transferred by a linkage element to a rotatable lever.

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Refurbished Sartorius LC3200D Top-Loading Balance

The low-pass filter stabilizes the analogue voltage after it’s output by the precision resistor. To ensure exact weighing results in spite of changing temperatures, an extremely accurate temperature sensor constantly determines the temperature of the weighing system. The application-oriented computer includes the digital control circuit of the A/D converter. The EEPROM is specific for this balance and the processor with the mask-programmed balance operating menu. This refurbished Sartious includes two switching power supplies which are supported by a controlling IC. These two power supplies have a high-efficiency factor for generating operating voltages.

Capacity resolution3,200 g x 0.001 g
Linearity0.002/0.01 g
Range capabilityDual-range
Calibration weight1000 g
Preload weight1500 g
Preload tolerance±195mV
Calibration weight classE2

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