Ohaus CSE Series CS5000E

The Ohaus CS5000E Series is specially designed for educational use. The CS5000E is an affordable balance built for everyday classroom use. This unit is the ideal choice for accurate educational and economical applications with capabilities up to 5kg.


Ohaus CSE Series CS5000E

The Ohaus CS5000E features Newton weighing units as standard to illustrate to students the strong relationship between gravity and mass. The CS5000E has radio frequency protection for it to deliver stable results even when using the unit in areas in which radio waves may be emitted. As this unit preserves battery life, the unit automatically shuts off its battery operated system after a certain period of non-use.

Specially designed for educational use, the CSE Range is an affordable balance built durably for everyday classroom use. CSE Range is the ideal choice for economical and accurate educational applications with capacities up to 5kg.

Key Features

  • Newton units
  • Low battery indicator
  • Up to 5kg capabilities
  • Auto shut-off
  • Lightweight
  • Mechanical and software overload protection
  • External push button calibration
  • Easy operation


ABS Housing, Stainless Steel Pan




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